A Walk Around Britain

A Walk Around Britain is a movement of musical pilgrims and wandering minstrels, on foot with song in Britain. Taking ancient traditions to the modern footpaths.

Current roamers include: 'Ed and Will', and 'Hayward and Parsons'

As seen on BBC1 ‘Secret Britain’, heard on Radio 4 ‘Ramblings’ & World Service, and featured in the Telegraph and Guardian, Headway EFL, McFarlane’s The Old Ways and Vogue Magazine.

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Our album

This was our first album, recorded in 2009 with Ginger. It is a selection of sixteen songs we like to sing. To read more and buy a copy, click below.

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Pilgrimage as Spirituality July 23, 2014

Pilgrimage is the desert, the sacred tree, the holy mountain and the eternal spring. It lets you feel God in your bones.

What is English Pilgrimage? July 22, 2014

...It is more like an anti-race, where the most intense experience wins...

The Ritual that Disappeared… July 22, 2014

The roots of pilgrimage are deep: Ice Age migration trails and hunter-gatherer tracks. Yet the blessing remains intact.

Pilgrimage to Hartlake Bridge April 4, 2014

"...White plastic leisure boats, like moonwalking K-Swiss trainers, cruise the River Medway..."

Anorak Magazine February 23, 2014

Hot off the Press...

Advice for Wild-Walkers of Britain February 23, 2014

So you want to go walking, without a mind for turning round and going home? We know just how you feel.

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Upcoming Events

16th Oct
English Folk Expo
Ed and Will walk the Peaks to sing the English Folk Expo near Manchester