A Walk Around Britain

Ed and Will are British explorers and minstrels.

With traffic jams and badger culls, it’s easy to think you don’t like Britain. But deep in the land, hid between the roads, are the places we take for granted. And here, the secret green heart of Britain beats on.

To these places Ed and Will make journeys. They live outside, sing folksongs, meet good people and drink great water. Come join us, drink deep and sing along...

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Our album

This was our first album, recorded in 2009 with Ginger. It is a selection of sixteen songs we like to sing. To read more and buy a copy, click below.

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Pilgrimage to Hartlake Bridge April 4, 2014

"...White plastic leisure boats, like moonwalking K-Swiss trainers, cruise the River Medway..."

Anorak Magazine February 23, 2014

Hot off the Press...

Advice for Wild-Walkers of Britain February 23, 2014

So you want to go walking, without a mind for turning round and going home? We know just how you feel.

10 Good Questions February 23, 2014

We seek to encourage the Albionic dream, wherever it's found. For is this not the hedged and wild-flowered land, of green hills and forests?

Ed & Will play Ankle-Tap January 20, 2014

In Marazion, beside St Michael’s Mount, after 6 months walking in 2007, here we are in friendly amateur combat. We discovered ankle-tap only a...

Summer 2013: The Last Three Weeks September 12, 2013

The last three weeks of our summer stroll...a gentle wrestle with sunshine and tummy ache...

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24th Mar
Book writing
Ongoing wordplay...
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Album Recording
Our new album begins being born