A Walk Around Britain

A Walk Around Britain is a movement of musical pilgrims and wandering minstrels, on foot with song in Britain. Taking ancient traditions to the modern footpaths.

Current roamers include: 'Ed and Will', and 'Hayward and Parsons'

As seen on BBC1 ‘Secret Britain’, heard on Radio 4 ‘Ramblings’ & World Service, and featured in the Telegraph and Guardian, Headway EFL, McFarlane’s The Old Ways and Vogue Magazine.

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Our album

This was our first album, recorded in 2009 with Ginger. It is a selection of sixteen songs we like to sing. To read more and buy a copy, click below.

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Map of the “One Day Pilgrimage” to Canterbury August 17, 2014

One day is plentiful time to do something radically life-affirming...

What is British Pilgrimage? July 22, 2014

Pilgrimage no longer belongs to the muddled memories of turgid pasts. It is glimmering into the future...

British Pilgrimage: The Ritual that Disappeared… July 22, 2014

The roots of pilgrimage are deep: Ice Age migration trails and hunter-gatherer tracks. Yet the blessing remains intact.

Pilgrimage to Hartlake Bridge April 4, 2014

"...White plastic leisure boats, like moonwalking K-Swiss trainers, cruise the River Medway..."

All our website music, here… February 24, 2014

This is all our website music, in one place.

Advice for Wild-Walkers of Britain February 23, 2014

So you want to go walking, without a mind for turning round and going home? We know just how you feel.

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Upcoming Events

16th Oct
English Folk Expo
Ed and Will walk the Peaks to sing the English Folk Expo near Manchester
24th Oct
South Downs Pilgrims
Hayward and Parsons walk (&sing) the English Camino Route 2, from Winchester to Canterbury along the South Downs Pilgrims' Way.