A New Album Steps Forward…


Announcing Hayward & Parsons’ new album:

‘To be a Pilgrim: Songs from the Way to Walsingham’

is now available for digital download

We (Guy Hayward and Will Parsons) are proud to release our first field-recorded album made exclusively on pilgrimage.

In April 2015 we walked for two weeks and two hundred miles from London to Norfolk, Willesden to Walsingham, seeking holy (wholesome/holistic/healthy) places.

Wherever we found such a place, we recorded a song there. Our ‘studios’ were tiny chapels, vast cathedrals, holy wells and springs, bridges, caves, castles, war memorials…all the way to the top of a wind turbine. We also recorded the sound-track to our journey between songs, to present a true reflection of the landscape encountered on pilgrimage.

The songs we sing are devotional and traditional, from a broadly British tradition with European and American twists. Each track was chosen carefully to have resonance with the area it was recorded in, and each has its own story to tell.

This is a new form of album, and we hope you will enjoy walking and singing with us on the way to Walsingham.

Listen/Buy here

Currently, this album is available for download only, but a CD will hopefully be made available in the not-incredibly-distant future. Please register your interest on facebook or twitter.

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  1. Anita Day says:

    Hello Will and Guy,
    I’ll be interested in a copy of your CD when its released. Just let me know when its available.

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