Oxford to Glastonbury

December 2007

Our walk from Oxford to Glastonbury was made to get to a gig. We started in Oxford, as Will was heading there to visit his girl. It was early December, good crisp weather for walking.

The adventure was a rum affair, plagued by small injuries looked to maybe stop everyone. We made it to Glastonbury eventually, after some 2 weeks.


This is some of what happened:

On the second day of walking, we met a lady who remembered us from Pilsdon Manor 12 months earlier. She put us on her mobile phone, and we were soon chatting with the people we had met there. It was an odd blessing from an earlier journey, a small reminder that we were on track.

We busked in Abingdon, near Oxford, and the teenage girls in the shopping centre were amazed. “People don’t come here. We don’t get this stuff in our town.” The older generation were soon promenading past, in giggling gangs, half-stepping half-dancing to the tunes.