A new companion

Proudly introducing our new young companion, miss Holly Ci, a beautiful puppy.

Chewing on a cow's ear

Holly chewing on a cow's ear.

Holly came into our lives in late January, brought to us by our friend Eddie who had the pick of the litter, his dog being Holly’s father. We had a few days to decide whether it was a good time to take on such a responsability, but soon enough we realised that this was a really intelligent, quick learning animal that we could train well and would in time become a loyal companion on our travels.  She is called Holly because she loves to chew on the  holly leaves.

For more about Holly and a couple of other new friends, do read on….

Will made her a mini bender structure, lined with straw, for her bed which was on the porch of our dome house til she outgrew it and chewed it up, so we made her another one. We feel it is important that she gets used to living the outdoor life (within reason as shes only a puppy) since we will be travelling in all sorts of conditions. She needs to grow up adaptable and strong, not overly tied to home comforts. Still, she comes in and sits by the stove when shes been a good girl.

Sitting pretty

Growing up in the woods

Holly in the woods

Stalking invisible rabbitses

We have chosen to take a positive approach to training. This means that we give her treats if shes been good, if she comes when shes called, sits, stays, poos in a good spot, goes to bed when its time. And when shes bad, she gets a vocal reprimand and certainly no treats. She’s really learning quickly this way.

We’re feeding her as much raw meat as we can reasonably afford since this is a natural doggy diet along with bits of grain, vegetables and herbs (found in a hunted animal’s belly), with puppy biscuits. Most butchers are not aloud to sell you bones for your dog, or leftover old meat they can’t sell. As with many things now, they are not insured for it so the healthy dog food gets buried and so people feed their dogs from tins of cooked old abertoir scrapings.

Holly plays with Rose

Rose and holly play tumble in the wood shavings

No pictures please

Hey mister, enough pictures please

Holly has brought a lively focus to camp life. Chasing her tale, chewing up boots, being scared off by the sheep (thank goodness), constant playfulness….she  gives us laughtert, friendship, new smells and responsability.

Introducing Gwendollin Psycho and Gwyneth Paltry

Gwendollin Psycho and Gwyneth Paltry, let loose in the woods

When Ginger and Little Ben came to visit us, Ben brought us a couple of chickens, not long rescued from a battery farm. They arrived looking half dead, bald and dozy, not knowing how to be chickens at all. Eventually they worked out how to scratch in the leaves and find worms, how to be cheeky where humans are eating, and how to put themselves to bed.
Now they are looking much healthier, though we havn’t had a single egg yet.

Gwendollen and Gwyneth

Lucky chickens coming from cage to woodland

There is an organisation called the Battery Hen Welfare Trust that rescues battery hens and gives them new homes, all for donations. It is good work when you see the state the hens come out in and how quickly they recover from their ordeal once they begin a normal life. The more we can do to stop eggs being produced in such a macabre, sadistic way, the better. Do we love our omlettes that much? If so, get some chickens or buy eggs from somewhere you can see the chickens roaming free.

Holly and Yarrow scrapping

A teenage puppy, Yarrow, came to visit and taught Holly a thing or two

We look forward to seeing how our journey will be affected by having a dog, the advantages and limitations, and to seeing Holly grow up big, healthy, active and strong.

Holly with Will

Holly and Will enjoy the sunset.

6 Responses to “A new companion”

  1. Lauren & Sunny says:

    Aww it is great to see these pictures of Tinka’s offspring. She looks like she is having fun. We are friends of Eddie’s n we own Holly’s mum. We have just seen Eddie today n he said to look for the pictures on here. Tinka n Dodger will be having another litter around the 17th of April this year. Keep safe guys and good luck with Holly and your Journey.

  2. Daisy says:

    Lovely to see what you’re up to fellas. Nice dawg x

  3. Mum says:

    Lovely photos of Holly. Longing to see her again.

  4. Angela Plowman says:

    What an adorable pup! Also a lucky one to be brought into such a loving family group & she will surely have some exciting adventures in the months & years to come:) I do like Ian’s idea that you guys are becoming “Dream Carriers” …what a great description!
    I’m sure you’re all happy that the Springtime is here & with the longer days we trust will also come much warmer ones.
    Keep enjoying yourselves and Holly & look forward to following your journeys with her:)

  5. Chloe says:

    Holly is a beautiful wee thing – how utterly lovely to have a puppy join your adventure. I am envying your lifestyle a great deal at present – 3 months remaining in London town…the countdown has commenced…I wish you well, thank your for sharing more of your antics, discoveries and thought-life x

  6. Ian @ Sarn says:

    What a wonderful evening Jacqui and I had last night with Ed and Ayla; Steve and Lisette (the hosts).

    Am bren dyfaler ei dwf teg,
    ei fant,
    a’i frig,
    a tharddiad ei flagur a’i falant,
    a’i flodau.
    a’i ffrwyth

    This is the first thing I have to do today – to say thank you and express my admiration at what you are doing. Its also clear from the web site that as well as journeying your way across the country you are increasingly becoming Dream Carriers. No longer just a small group of wanderers making the idea work but a group of people bearing the hopes and visions of so many others. That is quite something!

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