The Joys of a Welsh Springtime

Llandegly Rocks

Llandegly Rocks

We found much changed for us during the winter in Wales, but Spring was not quick in coming. Indeed, winter lingered hard, and the dreams of new leaf and soft warmth were slow to be realized.

Celendine heralds the spring

Lesser Celendine, herald of Spring

Here are some of those exciting indicators, and events, of the newly risen Springtime.


The winter just passed was a hard one, and temperatures in Radnorshire reached 18 below. Luckily, our hazel-house protected us from the worst of the cold, and woolen clothes and contant movement did the rest.


Frosty cold times

As Autumn faded, soon after arrival, the leaves disappeared, and buds took a long time to return to the boughs.


bare boughs, soon to change

But when things seldom come, they wished-for come, and so it was, with great happiness, we noticed the first signs of seasonal shift.

flowering moss

moss flowers

oak budding

oak buds later


Primrose comes early too

willow buddy

yellow sign of willow awakening

willow yellow

willow yellow goes

oak gall releases

oak-apple releases the sleepy gall wasp

There are a number of other interesting sights and sounds from this period, which are worth a share we reckon.

two hills in one

a fence-line division makes one hill into two

gorze and hills

Daffodils announce the kissing season

straight gate

straight as a gate

Holly muscling

Holly flaunts its biceps

Birch peeling

birch paper unrolling

Rowan spirals

Rowan twisting without visible prompt

big fella

big fella stands up

follow the trail

one leaf, many paths

thunderstruck oak

No buds on the lightning struck oak


two full moons in february, this the second


colourful landline

There is very very much we’d love to tell and show of our winter experiences, and slowly we’re trying to do just this. But with another walk to plan, the sun shining, and elderflowers, chamomile, cherries, borage and plantain to pick and process, sitting on a computer can seem the wrong move on a rare summer’s day.

So bear with us, and we’ll get this old story told properly, while the next one takes shape…

And a huge good summer to you all.

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  1. Terry Tonik says:

    Wonderful pics as usual, glad you survived that bitter winter. Worried a bit about you. Summer… yes!

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