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It has been a short-to-medium while since we shared any information on this website. We have been off-target, waiting for tides to shift, and have found our previous expressive output a difficult standard to live upto.

The truth is, we took quite a bashing last winter, living in Welsh woods with our girls. Things fell apart, and we found we had no choice but to accumulate some character. Iindeed, it was fairly whacked into us.

While this was all a beautiful and unique opportunity to build a home, and learn about living outside in one place, it was also a terrible trial, for flimsy but razor-sharp personal reasons, and we found ourselves and each other very difficult companions.

O dear, poor walkers, singing a sad song now. Poor, poor, sorry singers, not walking so tall now. Yes, we felt very sorry for ourselves, and it has taken a good long low-lying fallow time to restore our strength in self and other.

But as far as we can tell, the job’s a good one, and we’re more ready than ever, to get going walking and singing soon after this winter thaws.

Between now and then we have to plan and record another album, and get a friendly dress-maker to make us good solid woolen walking clothes. We’re also winging for some organic longjohn manufacturers to sponsor us to the tune of free LJs. It really is fulltime rock and roll.

And we await inspiration as to where our next journey should tread. We figure we should be able to squeeze in 6 or 7 months walking next year; but from where to where? Your suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Tell us here.

Meanwhile, the other whole point of this post: the full archive page. Alaric, our friendly web miracle fellow, has made a page that succinctly lists all the articles up on this website, which makes it all far easier to browse, without falling into corners of no return.

So please take a look, and enjoy. WWW.AWALKAROUNDBRITAIN.COM/FULL-ARCHIVE

Or, just click on this LINK.

Stay warm this winter. Wear wool not cotton.

Thankyou. And cheerio for now.

will and ed.

7 Responses to “Now, and our Full Articles Archive”

  1. Linda Hall says:

    What happened to Holly? You haven’t mentioned her.

    Looking forward to the next album. Hope winter will be over soon and you can enjoy the spring.

  2. rose says:

    do love you boys
    hope the trail opens up easily for you
    kisses and hugs
    i do miss the wood smoke and porridge

  3. Lucy says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be continuing your travels in 2011. I think you guys should be really proud of what you have achieved, what you do is so inspiring. Hope you had a great christmas and best wishes for the new year.

  4. Rosie Tremain says:

    Really pleased you are getting back on track but sorry you have been through some tough times. I actually thought of you guys today (though you don’t know me from eve) while i was walking the dog through the snowy fields in mid-wales. Wondering if i would survive if i had to build my own shelter, make fire and provide food. I think probably not. So you did really well – full of admiration.

    • MisterChristoff says:

      A third rough tough winter is on us. Thinking of you during this bleak midwinter. Take care of yourselves. We all want you back on track for 2011.

  5. Angela Plowman says:

    Glad to hear news of you guys after a “short to medium” gap! All the very best for your future projects where’ere you go and look forward to hearing the next album:)

    Have a blessed and warm Yuletide!

  6. Terry Tonik says:

    I thought you had gone a bit quiet boys. So glad to hear the project is back on course. I send all good wishes to you all for the coming winter months and seasons greetings for all things wooley.

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