Walking North

Today, on June 5th, we walk north for Liverpool.

From south Somerset, we aim to cross the Welsh mountains for Anglessey, an old centre, before hitting the modern cultural capital.

We travel light, having manufactured and discarded a high-tech handcart before leaving.

Song shall be our staff and mainstay. We record an album whilst walking, in acoustic hotspots, those nooks and crannies we love.

We also seek historic springs and wells, to get a taste of Britain’s heritage drinking water.

Come join us and sing along. It is not getting dark.

Ed and Will, 2013

Helena Handcart

Our handcart dreams started with this goat-cart, bought by Ed’s partner from an antique shop.

To cart or not to cart...


We researched possible options for walking 1000km over rough terrain and mountains. A German man was making top-quality versions, but they were expensive, and he wouldn’t send us a review version.

So we built one ourselves, thinking of all the axes, sheepskins, woolen trousers, ventile jackets, mozzie-nets, and various luxury paraphialia we could carry with the aid of a wheel.

The forgotten handcart...


This is what we made:

It was great fun to build. Hazel, steel, aluminium, ply, and gold paint.

Our new handcart....


The angles share the weight between the frame and the wheel, so only half the load sits on the carrier, and half goes free-wheeling.


Our new handcart....


But though it is a triumphant glory, this prototype is not coming with us on the path to Liverpool. Climbing over stiles is too difficult, and the carter has very little access to the world around them.

So we’ve packed very light backpacks instead. We hope Helena Handcart (aka Green Gloria) will prove useful when family come out visiting/walking.

We leave any moment now…

Two Winter Months, 2012-13: Part One

In the cold heart of winter, we make another walk.

A pathway North of Beech and Yew

We previously suffered a splintered year of silent disarray. Talking again is like coughing up chains of psychic goo. But we admit our journey isn’t over. We’ve miles yet to tread.

Will and Ed

Old mr Tump

So back on the path we step, in November 2012:


Two Winter Months, 2012-13: Part Two

Strolling without Ed…


All our website videos, here

Hello. This post is a summary of all our videos made so far. Just in case you missed anything so far. We know the website can be tricky waters…

On our next walk, of which we’ll speak soon, we’ll be focussing on video-making as a main method of sharing information.

So we thought it a good time to bring together all our disparate web videos, to make viewing them simpler.

Please enjoy these videos responsibly.

Press more to see them all:


Walking to London

At the end of February 2011, we walked to London from home near Faversham. We’ve always avoided such a walk, and skirted London as widely as possible, due to the M25.  The fastest road is no pal to the slowest walkers.


And also, perhaps, we were fearful of London’s hard greyness.

But we were invited to sing, and present ourselves and our doings, to a number of high-powered Folk Industry Executives. We are glad such people exist, for we’d like to win some support for our project and our future plans, and we need to make some good allies. And of course, folk in suits are still just folk, and deserve a good sing-song as much as the next bunch…

So this is the story of our London walk, which is the first decent jaunt we’ve made with Holly dog.


Recordings and a little video can be found below…


Now, and our Full Articles Archive


It has been a short-to-medium while since we shared any information on this website. We have been off-target, waiting for tides to shift, and have found our previous expressive output a difficult standard to live upto.

The truth is, we took quite a bashing last winter, living in Welsh woods with our girls. Things fell apart, and we found we had no choice but to accumulate some character. Iindeed, it was fairly whacked into us.

While this was all a beautiful and unique opportunity to build a home, and learn about living outside in one place, it was also a terrible trial, for flimsy but razor-sharp personal reasons, and we found ourselves and each other very difficult companions.

O dear, poor walkers, singing a sad song now. Poor, poor, sorry singers, not walking so tall now. Yes, we felt very sorry for ourselves, and it has taken a good long low-lying fallow time to restore our strength in self and other.

But as far as we can tell, the job’s a good one, and we’re more ready than ever, to get going walking and singing soon after this winter thaws.

Between now and then we have to plan and record another album, and get a friendly dress-maker to make us good solid woolen walking clothes. We’re also winging for some organic longjohn manufacturers to sponsor us to the tune of free LJs. It really is fulltime rock and roll.

And we await inspiration as to where our next journey should tread. We figure we should be able to squeeze in 6 or 7 months walking next year; but from where to where? Your suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Tell us here.

Meanwhile, the other whole point of this post: the full archive page. Alaric, our friendly web miracle fellow, has made a page that succinctly lists all the articles up on this website, which makes it all far easier to browse, without falling into corners of no return.

So please take a look, and enjoy. WWW.AWALKAROUNDBRITAIN.COM/FULL-ARCHIVE

Or, just click on this LINK.

Stay warm this winter. Wear wool not cotton.

Thankyou. And cheerio for now.

will and ed.

Secret Britain

Sunday 15th August, the BBC broadcast the first in their new series, called Secret Britain.

Here is the clip. If you’d like to hear more about the filming, and the things left out, please press READ MORE.

The songs sung were: My Son John, Harvest Song, and Sorrows Away.The first 2 are available on the CD album, and the second may be on our next album (more said soon).


Bodging a Three-Legged Stool, with Ginger

This is where Ginger shows us how to make a three-legged stool, with all speed and ease. With the then weather warming, this stool kept us out the mud, and prompted a spate of replicas to be knocked out.

Thank-you Ginger.

Tools required, are:

a saw (chain or cross-cut) to cut the seat from a log.
A bar-auger (and sharpening file) to put in the angled holes.
A splitting axe (and comedy mallet) to split the legs.
A sharper axe (and chopping block) to make the legs fit the seat.
A mallet for hitting the legs into the seat.

And that’s it.

The Ways of Barney Spoon

A Video Series on How to make a Wooden Spoon, really well,

with Barney Spoon.