A Springtime Pilgrimage

A Springtime Pilgrimage…   

16 days from London to Walsingham with Hayward and Parsons


Singing the way to Walsingham

It’s Easter time, and we’re off on pilgrimage. As ever, we’ll walk all the way, sleep outside and sing for our supper. It’s a 16 day walk from London to Walsingham in North Norfolk, and our path will connect over 50 churches, 7 holy wells, a cathedral, a cave and a labyrinth. It’s a journey touching many ancient pathways – the Roman Stane Street, the Icknield Way, Ermine Street, and the Peddars Way.

We start in London, at Willesden St Marys, once famed for its Black Madonna and Holy Well, before seeking Templar treasure and initiation in Royston Caves. We will follow the great labyrinth of Saffron Walden, drink from Boudica’s well where Saint Etheldreda was baptised,  wild swim between two counties, sing in a Neolithic flint mine, and visit Britain’s last Woad farm…before finally arriving at Walsingham, the “English Nazareth”.

En route, we aim to field-record one song each day in a unique acoustic hotspot, to make a sound-track of our pilgrimage.

And as though this were not enough, we’re also being met by BBC1 Songs of Praise (…!) to film us singing and walking for a day, before sharing it with 4 million viewers. We’re hoping our Norfolk Easter carols will cause a stir amongst the oldies…

So off we go. Please do follow us on the Twitter and Facebook.

And please wish us luck…


To support our ambition of bringing pilgrimage back to Britain, please donate to the British Pilgrimage Trust.

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  1. Anna Whiteley says:

    I had no idea Easter carols even existed!! Wow, am I looking forward to hearing THOSE! :)

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