One Day Pilgrimage to Canterbury

These are ten mini-pilgrimage routes into Canterbury from the surrounding East Kent countryside.

The routes range from 7.5 miles to 12 miles. This is a good (half) day’s pilgrimage, neither too much nor too little. The character of each route is quite distinct, so choose your way wisely…

Each route is footpath-based, and has been selected for its safety, beauty and closeness to holy places, as well as its accessibility via public transport.

Walking the Ways

  1. Whitstable – Crabs and Winkles – 7.5 milesmedium (bus) – GPX
  2. Herne – East Blean Woods – 8 milesmedium (bus)- GPX
  3. Upstreet – The Stour Valley – 8 milesmedium (bus) – GPX
  4. Adisham – Coal Country – 9.5 milestough (train)- GPX
  5. Shepherdswell – Via Francigena – 10 milestough (train) – GPX
  6. Elham The Elham Valley – 11 milestough (bus)- GPX
  7. Wye Up the Downs – 12 milestough (train) – GPX
  8. Chilham – The Old Way – 9 milesmedium (bus or train) GPX
  9. Selling – The Deep Dark Woods – 8.2 milesmedium (train) GPX
  10. Faversham – Not Quite Chaucer – 11.5 milestough (bus or train) GPX

Mobile Mapping

If you use a GPS-enabled Smartphone or other GPS device, you can download the GPX files for each route.

We are currently designing our own mobile app, to make following pilgrimage routes free and easy for pilgrims. To try the routes in the meantime, the best mobile mapping solution is OS Mapfinder. This app (for Android and iOS) allows you to download onto your mobile device OS 1:50 mapping for the entire South East region for £10.49. No, it’s not free…but it’s not loads of money, and the GPS button knows where you are. The advantage of downloading the maps is that you don’t need signal or wi-fi, the app will work anyway.

To use the GPX files, download them to your computer and email them to yourself. On the mobile device loaded with the OS Mapfinder app, choose to open/share the email attachmentwith OS Mapfinder app. Just like magic, the track will appear on the map, and you can follow it all the way to Canterbury.


The British Pilgrimage Trust
If like us you feel that Britain needs more pilgrimage, please help us to make this happen. Our charitable trust is striving to make pilgrimage accessible and inclusive, but we have a long way to go. Your help on this journey is vital. Thank-you for your support.


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