Bodging a Three-Legged Stool, with Ginger

This is where Ginger shows us how to make a three-legged stool, with all speed and ease. With the then weather warming, this stool kept us out the mud, and prompted a spate of replicas to be knocked out.

Thank-you Ginger.

Tools required, are:

a saw (chain or cross-cut) to cut the seat from a log.
A bar-auger (and sharpening file) to put in the angled holes.
A splitting axe (and comedy mallet) to split the legs.
A sharper axe (and chopping block) to make the legs fit the seat.
A mallet for hitting the legs into the seat.

And that’s it.

4 Responses to “Bodging a Three-Legged Stool, with Ginger”

  1. Jacob V. says:

    Great vid guys! Anymore info on how to sharpen a bit like that?
    Thank, Jacob V.

  2. Brilliant! Im going to have a go at mnaking a stool as well. enjoy your travels as much as I enjoy mine :)

  3. angela plowman says:

    Glad to see you’re back blogging again as well as logging…haha!! I certainly don’t call Ginger’s excellent lesson in Three-legged stool making “bodging”! How long are you all intending to stay in your Wonderful Welsh Woodland settlement? Are you planning to move northwards towards Scotland during these balmy days of summer or awaiting the chill of the autumn & winter? Whatever paths you take, keep having a joyful time and take good care of each other :)

  4. Brilliant indeed! In our search for proper things for our 2nd century Romano/British camp, we were directed to you! Thanks for an enlightening, educational and entertaining example of simple things done right!

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