The Ways of Barney Spoon

A Video Series on How to make a Wooden Spoon, really well,

with Barney Spoon.

This winter, we were visited by a man named Barnaby, who calls himself Barney (though we named him Barn).

Barn makes spoons, with style and profound expertise. He taught us a lot, which is still slowly sinking into our craft consciousness.

We filmed Barn’s spoon chronicles, in order to spread the knowledge as he himself shared it. Here are the four short films, detailing exactly how to make a great spoon. It’s worth getting through to the final video, as it features Barney playing a song on his new spoon.

To add to his glory, Barney is currently on a long walk about Britain, living outside, and trading spoons for hospitality and a bit of food. Where he has reached by now, we cannot say, because he is wise enough to not be encumbered by a website. If we can get updates on his progress, they will be published here.

So, for the videos. Please enjoy them, and tell all your green woodworking friends that the definitive guide to spoon-making is, at last, online. Hurrah for Barney.

Barney Spoon part 1

Barney Spoon part 2

Barney Spoon part 3

Barney Spoon part 4 (the musical one)


5 Responses to “The Ways of Barney Spoon”

  1. Martha Diane says:

    Man! I love Barney! He is a genius. Only one wearing a hat. Genius. 90 percent of body heat lost via head. Good layer of fat for winter. Again, genius. Great knowledge of safety. Genius. I would dearly love to have that spoon. Man. I do love Barney. Handsome too. Bye

  2. Chris says:

    If you use a blunt axe you make life harder. Make you axe pant wettingly sharp and splitting wood is a dream. Try this method as an alternative to mallets:

    Kneel in front of the wood to split. Gently drop the axe from a few inches above the top so it lodges into the wood; it should be lodged in enough that you can now pick up both axe and wood together. Pick the axe and wood up and hold them about 5-7 inches above the surface you are resting/splitting on. Now simply allow the axe and wood to drop down (obviously still holding on) – as if you were banging a massive gavel. The axe will move further down into the wood. So long as it is about 2/3 of the way in you can twist the axe to one side and the log will split perfectly. Using this method you can split logs right down into kindling. Or into spoon sized pieces if that’s what you require.

    Hope all is well with you and yours this winter; if you fancy spending a night in a scout hut come and teach us some songs first and we’ll talk…

  3. Emma says:

    That was great! I’d love to make some wooden spoons someday.

  4. Lin says:

    brilliant – very interesting and informative

  5. Daniel Flinders says:

    Aww awesome im goning to try make myself a wooden spoon to cheers for the how to video, will look forward to watching the rest of the wood craft videos :D

    enjoy your walks throught the country as much as I enjoy mine and keep the British folk lore alive :)

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