Ed, Will and Ginger animation

This fantastic little animation to the song “Staines Morris”, was made by our friend Rufus Herbert.

10 Responses to “Ed, Will and Ginger animation”

  1. Jon B says:

    Wonderful stuff! Keep up the good work – lads!
    One of my favourite tunes.

  2. Angeline says:

    Stirring music & lovely animation… that’s a tinglingly lovely version of Staines Morris ;) xxx

  3. Sander says:

    HAHA exelent xD

  4. Sing to us the truth
    It yearns to be heard

  5. Mum says:

    I loved the animation. I hope you’re all okay in this terrible weather.

  6. Mum says:

    I really enjoyed the animation .

  7. Laura says:

    Can I buy the Will one?

    Very impressive.

  8. Dan says:

    This is excellent! Well done Rufus.

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