Cartoon Cut Out “Ed and Will”

A man from St. Austell once sent us a picture.

We were flattered, because it was of us, and it was very good.

Ed Will by Trystan Mitchell

To find out more, please read on…

This imago-weaver is called Trystan Mitchell, an illustrator of great skill and renown. His images grace all sorts of books, and he is (we believe) even writing his own Wooden Book. He sign-wrote the Rick Stein fish restaurant in Padstow, the Speaking Tree in Glasto, and is a remarkable source of meaningful coloured lines.

We say: Trystan is a sculptor in the medium of story. To understand this, grab a look-see round his webbles:

Red Bubble

Studio Bigfoot

Bigfoot Blanket Blog


One of the more surprising good things Trystan did for us, was to create these cut-out paper models, depicting us cartoonly.

models by Trystan Mitchell

copyright Trystan Mitchell

They are part of his range of ‘Noggins‘, paper-toys and action figures. Trystan has made a whole society of these papery peoples. They can thrive in all sorts of scenarios, and with a little ventriloquy, they’ll sing too.

To download the instructions to make these cut-outs, press HERE. Trystan recommends that they are printed on medium-weight card.

We like such cartooning. It reminds us that our journeys represent simpler shapes and older symbols than we can see. It tells us that the archetypes we sometimes inhabit are not ours, that this rambling life is not our idea, that we’re just borrowing it awhile.

For other prompts in the art of the being alivehuman, keep looking at Trystam’s other works.

And to buy images of the good old future, the wayward past, and the rum denizens of all their borderlands, have a hunt around HERE.

Sincere respect to Trystan Mitchell.

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