Cut Out Figures

The best way to make these yourself, is to right-click on them, ‘save the image-as’, then open them and print them yourself. Use medium-weight card, for best results.

Good luck. If you succeed, please send us a photo…

Press More for cut-outs

The Ed Noggin

page 1 of cut-out Ed

Page 2 of the Ed monster

Page 3 cut out Ed

page 4 of the Ed bot

The Will Noggin

page 1 cut-out Will

page 2 Will bot

Page 3 make a Will man

Page 4 Will cut-quick

One Response to “Cut Out Figures”

  1. Trystan says:

    Hi All…grand to see these here ;D

    If you’d like to have larger res images to download I’d be happy to post them to my Bigfoot Blanket blog and you can link back to them from the above images. The current ones above may be a tad blurry when printed to A4.

    This site gets more sumptuous and entertaining with each visit….blooming marvlious!

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