Our CD is Released!

Our album, ‘Songs’ by Ed, Will and Ginger, is available on CD now.


Please buy it here, and enjoy the good old songs of this land, as sung by us.

Priced £10, it has 16 tracks, traditional classics and modern bangers alike.

If you would prefer to send us a cheque then let us know and we’ll give you and address.

Available right until Christmas, we will be walking it to the post-office each day from now until the last post.

Ancient corkers like ‘Tom of Bedlam’, as well 20th century staples like ‘Albert Berry and the Coal’, are featured. It has Ed on various stringed instruments, Ginger on drums and organ, and all of us singing our hearts right up.

It’s ideal for almost any family member or friend. It’s a beautiful object, with layers to unwrap. There’s kicks for all the gang in these good old songs, for old Auntie Jane and odd cousin Billy, for sister, boyfriend, dad or granny. It’s a good thing, and we are happy to put it out.

All the lyrics to the songs are written out HERE.





Our debut CD

Here comes more cherry chatter…

Ideally sized to fit snugly in most seasonal stockings, this is a stunning item, far more than just a CD, with a 20 page booklet, packed with stories and information, informative and amusing, and stunning full-colour illustrations and photographs. It also comes with a 2-sided poster!

We’re coming to enjoy saying that. It’s all eco-printed too, although our confusing requests to the printers meant it wasn’t tapped onto the packaging.

So please accept our small apologies for the delay, and please be assured of our great joy at reaching the final stage of our first CD project, this small but well-timed release. We hope you’ll find it a unique and worthwhile object, beautiful, educative and nourishing.


And may the very best of this cold season, much good deep rest, and all joys of the hearth, be found and held by you and yours at this time,

and cheerio for now.

Will and Ed (and Ginger too)

PS Click READ ON if you want to know more about how we got the CD out…


Will and Ed Podcast


Action photo with Bakery boys

Back in July, Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer from The Bakery came to visit us. They came to take an interview, to form part of a mini series they were producing for BBC Radio Kent. This series was all about strange and exciting things, in and originating from Canterbury, the capital of East Kent. Our sing[-song wanderings apparently qualified.

So up to the woods, just above Monmouth, did Rich and Dan pop. We had been here a few days already, as many visitors were coming out all in rapid succession at that time. We had made a little camp, and an office, with a fern roof, ash poles, and pine rootlet and nettle binding. We had busked in the town, and met some lovely people. Details will come, soon we promise, just as soon as we’ve finished building our winter home (whose walls are being stuffed with straw right now).

So with Rich and Dan, a fine day and evening were spent wandering through the woods, finding springs and gathering food. Although strangers until now, the pair are friends of friends from our home town, Canterbury, so it was a little like going home to meet them.

Rich and Dan are also deft audio editors, and canny interviewers. After editing a radio-friendly 5 minute episode, culled from the hours of cherry-chatter with which we filled their audio recording device, Rich and Dan found themselves with a lump of excess material. Believing there were sufficient good-sounds to produce another 30 minute podcast, they set to.

Our great thanks to them, for this is what they made: