First Review of CD Album

This is the first CD album review we have received, and we are well grateful. 8 starry points out of a potential 10 – it’s just like being back at school – good boys…

But apart from our own ego-flattery, this article provokes many good questions about the nature of modern traditional music in our societal context.

We like it. Read it HERE.


the debut album

2 Responses to “First Review of CD Album”

  1. Terry Tonik says:

    He seemed to have missed the ‘secret’ track buried at the end of ‘Barley Mow’- he he.

  2. Terry Tonik says:

    I think the reviewer really wanted to give you 10/10 and a gold star!
    I loved this observation he made about you: ” They have broken step with this deranged economic systems marching drum; the one that so many have grown so used to that they have begun to believe it to be their own heart beat, their own desire” Well said.
    Just keep marching to your own drum and you won’t go far wrong my brave lads!

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