Where we’ve sung so far…


Curiosity got the best of my idle moments, and a list was made, of where we have so far sung on this particular journey.

If you want to know where, and how often, we are singing, read on reader…

We left about 5 weeks ago, and we’ve had periods when weve been unable to sing, due to illness. We left for this journey is such over-excited unfitness, that some minor crashes were, probably, inevitable. Mind-over-body tricks are not best replayed too frequently.

But anyway, the list. This is every performance, whether to one person, or many hundreds, a performance being defined as singing in one particular location for any amount of time, at least for one complete song, and to at least one listener. Every little chips away at the old ennui, at the lazy forgetfulness that WE HAVE A NATIONAL BODY OF SONG, and we should all learn those that we love best, for the cause of more and greater singsongs.

But the list. Here we go:

1.for a farmer in Larkey Valley; 2. outside a cafe in Canterbury; 3. Canterbury High Street; 4. the altar of Canterbury Cathedral; 5. Canterbury war memorial; 6. simple simons (now the Parrot) public house, Canterbury; 7.Faversham, in a house; 8. Faversham Town Centre; 9.By a cafe while leaving Faversham; 10. Charing High Street; 11. The pub in Biddenden; 12. In the 3 Chimneys dining room; 13. In the 3 chimneys bar, for Emily and Stafford; 14. Cranbrook High Street; 15. Tunbridge Wells, for Radio Kent; 16. Tunbridge Wells High Street, for BBC South East Television; 17. The Half-Moon Pub, Ashdown Forest; 18. Cowborough Town Centre; 19. Cooper’s Arms, Crowborough; 20. Hartfield, the Waggon Inn; 21. Forest Row market; 22. A cafe in Forest Row 23. Plaw Hatch farm for dinner; 24. Windy Ridge, at a picnic; 25. For a gang of Anarchist post-apocolyptic Feminists, Windy Ridge; 26. For Sam, of EFDSS, in the woods at Windy Ridge; 27. For a circle of people around the supper fire, Windy Ridge; 28. Home Education group, Plaw Hatch Farm; 29. For an Africa Party at Plaw Hatch Farm; 30. For a Phil Kay TV interview, Plaw Hatch farm; 31. East Grinsted, in the old town; 32. East Grinsted, in the modern shopping tunnels; 33. The old House at Home, Dormensland; 34. Crawley Down Village; 35. Crawley town centre; 36. Outside Horsham hospital; 37. Horsham town centre; 38. Horsham, the next day; 39. Elsewhere in Horsham (we liked it here); 40. to walkers on the path after Horsham; 41.Outside the Fox at Rudgewick; 42. to Col and Trisha near Rudgewick; 43. Cranleigh Town Centre; 44. in an Organic farm shop before Dunsfold; 45. In the pub at Dunsfold; 46. in Vann gardens, for a breakfast concert; 47. the mothering day lunch in Hambledon pub; 48. to the tennis players and gardeners in Vann at lunch; 49. Hambledon pub in the evening; 50. to pathway families prior to Hazlemere; 51. the High Street in Hazlemere; 52. Roadside to a tea donor on the way to Lodsworth; 53. Midhurst High Street; 54. the Three Horseshoes, Elsted; 55. to Paul Kingsnorth and his photographer, and walkers, on the South Downs; 56. on Petersfield High Street; 57. at the Harrow inn, Steep; 58. To a family dinner in South Harting…

And that is pretty much it right now. Ed’s lost his voice for a few days, so were having time in a kind family’s field, relaxing and stretching and catching up on this sort of typing thing. There is a big bag of internet for us to delve into here, which we’re just loving.

We hope to sing much more. We have performances, for a family and a Boy Scout Troupe, arranged for Friday and Saturday, and perhaps tomorrow will be spent learning a song or two. We have a backlog.

Hope the list was good for you. I enjoyed every little bit, i tell you.

here we go

here we go

7 Responses to “Where we’ve sung so far…”

  1. georgina says:

    I heard you singing on Ramblings, also, and thought you were inspirational. I was walking in the Long Mynd today and thought of you. I wanted to sing something but I didn’t have a song. I would love to learn some of these old songs. It’s lovely, what you’re doing. All the best xx

  2. Tim Wilkinson says:

    Dear Ed, Will and Ginger,

    I listened to you singing in the West Kennet Long Barrow on ‘Ramblings’ on Radio 4 and was entranced. Could you tell me the name of that lovely song you sang – the one about “Mary mild, our Lord’s best Mother in Heaven” – and perhaps a smidgin of it’s history? I should love to learn it and sing it in the kitchen while I make supper for the family.

    All the best and thanks for being such an inspiration,

    Walk on!

    Tim Wilkinson

  3. Angela says:

    Brilliant, but I’d like to hear more!

  4. Harry Facey says:

    What a smashing and essensial idea I have found that I have a genetic Thirst for the music and taditions of the land.I have no education apart from what I have tought my self. So some thing like your experdition, is of a great educational intrest to me and other folk like me.I have seen the country side in all its beauty when most other people are too busy, or are unaware or are fast asleep. To explore the music and where it all comes from in this way is to accumilate great wealth, for now and the future.I wish it were me.Good luck. Harry Facey.

  5. Barbara says:

    I read about you three in the Telegraph, mid-April, and have just found time to visit the website. I think it is one of the most interesting sites I’ve seen in a while!
    I think that what you are doing is great. I dream of doing the same but unfortunately circumstances and age won’t permit it. Instead, I’ll follow your news and wish I was there.
    I truly understand what you mean about being connected to the earth. I walk the countryside around where I live and am usually one of only a few people out walking (proper). Very grounding, healing, re-energises and it’s good for the soul. Singing I don’t do, well not for others to hear, but I wish I could hear you guys.
    Any plans to visit Surrey, and Woking or Guildford in particular, or are we not rural enough? Happy singing and walking to you all.

  6. your blog was found by me after seeing an article on your wonderful adventures on talkawhile.. a folk music forum. i have been reading through this blog for 2 hours now and will check by regularly…

    when you reach wales.. be sure to come west to carmarthen, ( happy to put you boys up ) and check out the gower folk festival and the pontardawe folk clubs…

    wishing you much luck ( and slightly envious of your freedom )

    sam xx

  7. Lisa says:

    Glad to see all your recent updates. Enjoyed reading and seeing the photos. Hope you keep sickness at bay, and enjoy the Spring salads. Wonderful plant identifications.

    Keep singing.

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