The Leaves of Life (Seven Virgins)


doon we sung

We sung this down a 350 ft well, in the Milburys pub, just before Winchester.

The reverb was superb, if a little much. It is pure analogue f/x.

It is a great Easter song, and was recorded by May Bradley in Shropshire, a Gypsy lady who sings in a unique and beautiful style.

A less echo-drenched version of the song appears on our album.

Here be lyrics:

All under the leaves, and the leaves of life,

i met with virgins seven,

and one of them was MAry mild,

our lord’s best mother in heaven.

O what are you seeking you seven pretty maids,

all under the leaves of life?

We are seeking for no leaves Thomas,

but for a friend of thine.

Go down, go down into yonder town,

and sit in the gallery,

and there you’ll see sweet Jesus Christ,

all nailed to an elder tree.

So down they went into yonder town,

as fast as foot could fall,

and many a bitter and a grievous tear

from them virgins eyes did fall.

O peace, mother, o peace mother,

your weeping does me grieve,

for i must suffer this, he says,

for Adam and for Eve.

O how can i my weeping cease,

my sorrows under gall,

when i must watch my own son die,

and sons i have no more.

He’s laid his head on his right shoulder,

and death has struck him nigh,

the Holy Ghost be with your soul,

sweet mother, now i die.

O the rose, the gentle rose,

the fennel it grows so strong,

Amen, sweet lord, your charity

is the ending of my song.


the ending of my song...

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  1. Angela Plowman says:

    Love that song “The Leaves of Life (Seven Virgins)” and the acoustics are superb singing down the well at The Milburys! I’ve been to Milburys several times, great old country pub, excellent ale and nosh and friendly locals:) Wish I’d known when you lads were going to be there, as I’d have loved to have met you and heard you performing live :)

    No news from you since the Spring….where are you now?
    Any more CDs in the pipeline?

    Keep fit and cheery & make the most of the rest of the Summer!

    All the very best. Angela

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