Christmas in Totnes

We arrived in Totnes after a long day walking across Dartmoor, from Morton Hampstead in the North. We had stayed for winter solstice in the Stewards Wood Community, just east of Morton. It was good hearty festivity, with a feast, songs, and a carved ash yule log. We’d been given a guest yurt to sleep in, complete with wood-burner, and we were intensely grateful for its glowing warmth.


Singing in Petersfield

Then toward Petersfield we stamp, passing a low-cost retirement village, that looked like it was built in a week. We intitially judge it as an ugly sight, but a closer look shows it to be calm, tidy and proud. The materials were budget, but self-respect is evident, and the people here are not living for expensive paving. And why, we consider, should a dwelling cost a hundred thousand pounds? It is a perturbingly ridiculous thing. You can buy land for that money.

Nearby, we find the first blackberries for some days, and realize their prescence is not to last much longer. Then down a main road, and into town. Hale Petersfield, at the end of the South Downs way.