Ashdown Forest to Forest Row

We sing in Crowborough, and then spend the evening singing in the Cooper’s Arms, where we meet many fine people. Then we stay the night in a kind man’s summer house.

From here we head back to the woods, and spend the day washing in the lake, and then walking toward Forest Row. We score a surprising gig in a pub in Hartlake, which is a lot of fun. Then we sleep alongside a dismantled railway line.

The morning comes, and we walk into Forest Row, where we sing in a cafe, and then in the town market. We are invited from here to come and meet the good people of Plaw Hatch Farm. Ginger goes off with his girlfriend, and we two go sing some more.


At Plaw Hatch we sing to a few lovely people, and help out with the cows, and learn a lot about farming and biodynamics. Then we walk off, with a new walker Sam, and a retrieved Ginger, toward Windy Ridge.


Three singing in Forest Row market

Pictures of Us – Canterbury to Tunbridge Wells




Xinging in Faversham Town


Ginger at Little Chart

Ginger at Little Chart

Ed before Little Chart

Ed before Little Chart

3 of us near Faversham

3 of us near Faversham