A House Springs Up

We are staying in beautiful Welsh woodlands, in Radnorshire. We’ve been here for the last 6 weeks. We’re under canvas, with hazel, oak and ash above, preparing for the full onslaught of winter.



Busy we’ve been, with a home to build, as well as a working camp to house us meantime.

We’ve seen through the end of Autumn, and the leaves fell around us as though they’d never stop. Now, all is down, the sap lowered, vitality all drowsed. Everyone has worked finger to bone, and we’ve come close to exhausted.


Tired boys

Thankfully, we’ve found good allies in these Welsh hills, such as Annie and Simon, Eddie of Mellowcroft, and Anne of Rhyader. The warmth and dry air of a conventional building can be incredibly restorative, but only for a short while, as all that enclosed space gets stuffy. People in houses seem to get colds, we have noticed, while we outside just get damp and chilly. It’s a trade off, of sorts.

Rest will soon be known, when we’ve gotten all our systems and selves properly aligned for this winter sure to set in deeply soon.

If you’d like to see and hear more, including our first arrival, the growth of camp, our findings with cob, straw-bale insulation, herbal first aid, songs, coppicing, and west Wales, click on reader…