A new companion

Proudly introducing our new young companion, miss Holly Ci, a beautiful puppy.

Chewing on a cow's ear

Holly chewing on a cow's ear.

Holly came into our lives in late January, brought to us by our friend Eddie who had the pick of the litter, his dog being Holly’s father. We had a few days to decide whether it was a good time to take on such a responsability, but soon enough we realised that this was a really intelligent, quick learning animal that we could train well and would in time become a loyal companion on our travels.  She is called Holly because she loves to chew on the  holly leaves.

For more about Holly and a couple of other new friends, do read on….


Morning…Wake Up (Wales Walk 2009)

This is a short video of one morning’s immedaite view, on waking.

We’d like to make a 10 second film every morning, on our next walk.

This video starts with a misunderstanding, and ends when the unintentional filming was stopped by the attempted photo-taking.

The tower is called Paxton’s, and we were sent here from Llandeiloes, where we should have stayed longer, but were fairly dragged to the end of our journey, we believe to preserve (in some measure) our health and sanity, which were beginning to shake for various reasons.

The night before had been spent in tipi valley. a long-running and beautiful Welsh community. Very few tipis still stood, and we soon learned why. What is good for the often dry and open American plains, with uninterrupted winds, is not so good in a blustery oft-damp valley. The winds blow from all directions, and if you want a fire, the rain gets in. We ended up having to string up tarps within the tipi.

So the next night, we followed directions to here, Paxton Tower in Carmarthenshire. Good land. We were told there was a stone fire-place we could cook on, but it has been bricked up since our advisor last came hear.

Anyway, this is Summer is full in, we are accompanied by Rose, and have not yet met Holly puppy.

Good morning.

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