pre-Crawley Down to Horsham

We walk into Crawley, which is nasty, through Crawley Down, which is lovely. The next bit, Buchan Park, is lovely too, though the memory of nasty Crawley is still strong.

Busking and meeting people in Crawley, however, is a surprising series of events, and we learn not to judge a place entirely on its horrid appearance.

Then toward Horsham we walk, and we sing there late in the evening, before staying in the municipal park. We wake, and sing again, early in the morning. It is a pleasing place, this Horsham.


tea in the park?


Forest Row to East Grinsted

We leave Plaw Hatch farm, head to a community place called Windy Ridge, where Will gets ill, and cannot spend any time with our visiting friend Sam. While Will recovers, the others go forth, to ramble and sing.

Sam leaves, Ayla joins, and we move to East Grinsted, staying in the woods, and walking the ex-railway lines for swift pace.

East Grinsted is a difficult busk, as the beautiful places are all empty, and the busy places foul.

But it comes together fine, and we spend a raucous night of song in Dormersland, before being put up in a manor house. All is well.


Will Ill Gets

Why did Will find fever and illness within a month of walking? It had been nigh on 6 years since he had been ill…

This is his fever-writings, his dreams and understandings from the depth of there:


Ill Will at Plaw Hatch Farm