The Joys of a Welsh Springtime

Llandegly Rocks

Llandegly Rocks

We found much changed for us during the winter in Wales, but Spring was not quick in coming. Indeed, winter lingered hard, and the dreams of new leaf and soft warmth were slow to be realized.

Celendine heralds the spring

Lesser Celendine, herald of Spring

Here are some of those exciting indicators, and events, of the newly risen Springtime.



Michelmersh to Avebury


Mother Beech holds her babies in her branches

Its a year now since we were in these bluebell woods near Michelmersh. Accompanied by Ayla and Susie we found shelter for a few days beneath a magnificent beech. Days were spent wandering among the glowing blue, with visits to the local gastro pub to see if we could sing for roast potatos.

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