Walking to London

At the end of February 2011, we walked to London from home near Faversham. We’ve always avoided such a walk, and skirted London as widely as possible, due to the M25. ┬áThe fastest road is no pal to the slowest walkers.


And also, perhaps, we were fearful of London’s hard greyness.

But we were invited to sing, and present ourselves and our doings, to a number of high-powered Folk Industry Executives. We are glad such people exist, for we’d like to win some support for our project and our future plans, and we need to make some good allies. And of course, folk in suits are still just folk, and deserve a good sing-song as much as the next bunch…

So this is the story of our London walk, which is the first decent jaunt we’ve made with Holly dog.


Recordings and a little video can be found below…