Our Thwarted Plans

Our thwarted plans…

Ed and I intended to walk for Liverpool, via Anglesey. We’ve never before reached higher than mid-Wales, so Liverpool represented a portal, through which we could leap into Northern moors, lakes and peaks.

Also, we told curious passed-bys, Liverpool is the port from which traditional British music left these shores, to spread and mutate through new worlds – so we supposed it was proper to take the old songs back there again.

ceci n’est pas Scouse

At this point, I drop the plot revealer – a spoiler, in truth – for it was not until the last few days of our ill-fated journey that we discovered this truth for ourselves:

Ed left with Giardia in his small intestine. This is a tropical parasite, very common in the ‘developing’ world, though relatively rare in South England. The symptoms include wafty headedness, lack of nutritional uptake and low-energy. These effects ‘flare’ with lowered immunity or fatigue.

With this disadvantage, we did not reach Liverpool. Our ill-fated walk lasted a mere six weeks, and barely passed Stroud in Gloucestershire. Alongside the many traditional thrills of a long singing walk, we did lots of resting and wondering why. A fuller account (without dull bits) can be read HERE.

sun sets on this journey…

We can only say sorry, to everyone we didn’t meet and sing for. Our intentions were good.

Ed is currently convalescing in Somerset. God-willing, he’ll soon be restored to full vigorous health.

Future journeys are being currently mooted. Having persisted this far, we’ll endeavour to continue, in yet fresher new forms.

When I die I'll live again
we’ll live again

And we shall keep on singing, with an epic exciting new album coming soon.

Much love to you all,

And cheerio for now,

Will and Ed.


Brachipod Haresfield
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