Farewell Ginger…

We are no longer walking as a group of three. Continuing to walk this strange path is Will and Ed, but no longer are we accompanied by Ginger.

So where did Ginger go, and what is he doing now?


fare well, and joy be with you

Well, this walk as a three was always experimental. We did not know how well our group of 3 would work, and to an extent we did not share an entirely common vision. This, of course, was a good thing, for the more perspectives, the more we all can share new outlooks, and enjoy a wider field of sight.

Ed brings to the group his fluency with flickering ideas, his slow ascendance into showmanship, and his dreamy meanderings, inside of which he stands like cloud-built castles.

Will brings his charming ‘hello-manship’, his ability and desire to communicate with all people, and his slow steady holding of plots and plans, and his intent to protect.

Ginger brings his deep resources of craft, his awareness of the environment, his farsightedness and his trust in his ability to shape and adapt the environment around him, for the greater good.

All these qualities (and more!) we all brought walking with us, to share and learn from each other.

But not all groups are destined to remain together. Ginger had less of an impulse to share this journey with the world, while Ed and Will were intentful on the act of outward-communication. This meant that we were, asa group, more and more likely to desire separate existences, and although we loved to walk together, and especially to sing together, the journey had its paths for us all, which we slowly came to realize.

So Ginger applied for an apprenticeship with Mike Abbott, a renowned green woodworker who has done much travelling himself in days not so far gone by.

Ginger initially was writing a formal application, when an email from Mike came through: “I was sitting on the toilet, reading Permaculture magazine, when this page opened in my hands and there you were. No need for the application, just turn up when you can!”

It sort of makes all that work worthwhile, when the rewards are as simple and clear as that.

So Ginger, from Petersfield town centre, bid Ed and Will farewell. A funeral was going on in the town centre at that time, and it too was a confusing affair. People in flash suits were milling about chuckling, drinking and discussing cars.

We too felt the strange pull between sorrow and relief, as the unity we had all been trying so hard to maintain was mercifully broken, so we might all once more re-focus our energies inward along paths of less resistance.

Ginger then walked off, at breakneck pace, to get to Herefordshire in the next few weeks. We heard word of his swift travels through the south, which were dedicated to distance-coverage, and thus punished his feet and back more severely than our three-part walk of slow discovery.

It was a hard parting, but refreshing for us all, and certainly for the best. Will and Ed will continue to take the strange slow path of  outward-showing, while Ginger takes the creative journey of spokes and wheels and chairs and all.

His companionship will be sorely missed, yet we know that he will be skilling-up with his hands all dusty and full of good wood shavings, his heart full of the songs of creation and shaping.

And we will, when the road allows it, meet again and sing as a three with all the high glory we have known and shared.

“So it’s fare thee well, sweet lovely Ginger, ten thousand times fare well…”


rising and falling, the sweet sorrow sings

3 Responses to “Farewell Ginger…”

  1. Mr Carot says:

    Like it. Live the dream..

  2. alan says:

    Much enjoyed reading your latest news – Petersfield to the Sus Centre and listening to the songs, then noticed this page and Ginger going to apprentice with Mike Abbot – I envy you all. Mike has a wonderful reputation and Ginger will surely enjoy his time in the woods. And thanks to Terry for those wonderful words so cleverly strung together.
    Best wishes to all

  3. Terry Tonik says:

    Farewell Ginger!

    The Parting Glass

    All the money e’er I spent
    I spent it in good company
    And all the harm I’ve ever done
    Alas it was to none but me
    And all I’ve done for want of wit
    To memory now I shan’t recall
    Then fill to me the parting glass
    Good night and joy be to you all

    All the friends I’ve ever had
    They are sorry for my going away
    And all the sweeethearts e’er I loved
    They would wish me one more day to stay
    But since it falls unto my lot
    That I should part and you should not
    I gently rise and softly call
    Goodnight and joy be with you all

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