Fine things people have told us

This is a list of some of the lovely words sent to us by people from all over the world. It is, we suppose, a list of testimonials, a sort of passport, or proof of validity.
In truth, it is support and inspiration for us, the food that will keep us walking. Thankyou all for these beautiful words and thoughts.
It is not getting dark. We think we love you.

Oak in new leaf at Michelmersh, the old Forest, Hampshire

“If Enid Blyton had written a book about a folk band, you’d be it”


“what a great journey”

(Sarah BBC Manchester)

“How lovely that you are doing this. Thank goodness for people like you. Britain is in danger of getting so drab.”

(Chrissie – Hampshire County Magazine)

“It’s lovely to read about people doing something so out-of-the-ordinary.”


“We are wonderfully inspired by what you are doing.”

(Kate & Nick )

“To read about your venture gives us such hope. That young people are still out there doing what they think is right and not worrying about tomorrow is very refreshing. Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will look after itself”

(Maggy and Shaun)

“I love and admire what you are doing – in rediscovering that sense of place and rootedness in time which is being so rapidly lost…Dont be beguiled by your gathering fame…. ”


“It amazes me that most of the population are unaware of the music and singing on their doorsteps. You seem to be taking the songs straight to the people instead of being hidden away in a room somewhere. ”

( Jenny)

“After reading the article about you guys and your journey I was reminded about the essence, soul and spirit within us and life. It has made me realise that I don’t have to chase time or fulfil other people’s expectations.”


“I often thought of such a walk and of course never got round to it, thank God someone has the guts to get out there and actually do it.”


“I just love to be reminded of the simplicity of your self sufficient wanderings, and connection to the ancient ways. Thankyou!”


“I saw your story written in the Telegraph weekend section, and on that saturday morning I read it, I wanted to walk…I think what you’re doing is fantastic. Our society today has forgotten what it is to sit around a camp fire and sing into the night, forgetting worries and stress by singing them away.”


“The fire slowly sunk into embers, the company melted away, but the wood still echoes with their song.


“Brilliant, just perfect, more epic than i imagined…great.”


“Have just made myself late for work singing along with the songs on the website while i drink my coffee.”


“you are inspiring me to travel about the UK more.”


“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our land, community, tradition, spirit and music. We live in jaded, cynical times, but this trip is reconnecting us all through your adventures to a better time.


“why can’t real life be like this?”


“I have recently been involved in a project planting a new woodland on the banks of the river avon, and your presence there would surely encourage strong roots to establish. ”


“Thank you from everyone who enjoyed the pleasure of your good company and amazing talent we would like to wish you all the best and would love to welcome you back for any festival”


“I feel what you are doing is really important.


“I so glad you all making this happen, it is my dream to let go and follow fate.”

(Sarah Jane)

“I shall follow your progress with interest and amusement – you have a lovely turn of phrase.”


“What a noble and great endeavour”


“God I wish I was doing it too.”


“I think the principal of what you are doing is great and take my hat off to you.”


“Very inspiring what you are doing.”


“I have been revelling in the gloriousness of your exploits.”


“‘What you are doing seems to be very worthwhile — the sort of thing that in the Middle Ages is what caused England to be known as Merrie England throughout Europe.”


“Cool…brilliant..nice…so so so happy for you and what your doing, actually finding it really hard to put into words the overwhelmingly good postiveness i’m feeling towards you. Such a beautiful thing…thank you all for making my day”


“Totally inspired by what you are doing”


“Gwra daa, rag tha honen che an gwra” – meaning “Do good, for thyself wilt thou do it”


“You are genuinely an inspiration! Don’t stop any time soon!”


“What you are doing is fantastic, fresh yet with deep routed tradition of times lost. To do such a thing for the love is admirable at the best of times but in this atmosphere of fear and gloom that society is treading water in at the moment, it is the greatest thing.”


“I think we need to regain the traditions of the countryside – this world is changing too fast and soon it will all be gone.”


“I really admire what you guys are doing – keeping the ethos of traditional music going, by performing it on the streets.”


“I think this is a great thing”



a good wall, near Avebury

“I like your ideas, music, artwork and free spirit very much. Long may they continue and grow.”


“You are living what most people dream”


“Love the green man!”


“Brilliant idea- just brilliant. Made my dreary day at work more bearable.


“Lovely to hear old traditional songs that no young person would have a clue about today brought back to life.”


“This was the most inspirational and wonderful article I have read all year (despite not being a natural Telegraph reader) and I am so glad to have found out what you are up to. As a keen walker and lover of Britain and its music I can think of nothing finer to do.”


“I find the concept of your trek around the country one of the most encouraging things I have heard for some time.”


“I actually spent my first few years being raised in an orchard in Evesham living alongside gypsies and travellers, but now i spend so much time talking about how drastically things have changed, and how that way of life just isn’t possible anymore. But i see that you three have proved me wrong.”


“I think what you’re doing is absolutly brilliant, kind of what my heart has longed to do for years but not known how to do.”


“Oh – joy! The Watersons reborn! Lovely, uplifting music.!


“It is so important to reconnect to our beautiful land- nature and people, and you are doing it.”


“Keep going and enjoy the moments of serendipity.”


“Music brings everyone joy – and you are out there, walking the land, and bringing it to us. More power to your collective elbows!”


“Go boys go uplifting!”


“Wonderful, rousing, stirring music”


“It’s refreshing to see young chaps maintaining and restoring a little bit of English tradition in such a unique way.”


“Keep doing it! Me and the kids loved it.”


“i am a 12year old boy who enjoys the outside…Good luck on your trip will edd and ginger!”


“Would you please come to California…If you cannot make it here how about my childhood home of Leicestershire”


“Beautiful, just beautiful!! It did me good to hear such lovely music.”


“If only more young people were like you, the older generation would not feel so jaded or pessimistic about the future of our society.”



Ed atop Silbury Hill, the biggest manmade hill in Europe

“Really fantastic to hear young people carrying on the tradition of folk singing.”


“The law will hang the man or woman
who steals the goose from off the common
but lets the greater thief go loose
who steals the common from the goose.”


“So glad you will be talking about trees.”


“Your lives sound wondrous. You’re living in such a natural way, the way we – humans – have lived for most of our existence.”


“We are so pleased to discover there are young people out there who still have an interest in traditional folk music, tramping the wonderful countryside, and meeting good people on your travels. How wonderful.”

(Emily and Stiffy)

“It was such a joy to see you in Forest Row. And after your songs at the market I thought I had died and gone to heaven to have been able to join you round the camp fire in the woods.”


“Thank you for showing us that this can still be done – that there is a common humanity that all will respond to, when approached with love and respect.”


“I felt so cheered and warmed to read what you are doing (and of course envious). ANYTHING to get people interested in live singing and song is great, especially if they can be persuaded to do it themselves!”


“What you are doing enhances the world.”


“Your way of life upholds many of the ideals I have come to value.”


“geez don bread (Bajan saying) – you’ve a way with words.”


“The quite magical sound of Ed and Will singing in the Kennet Longbarrow was so wonderful I had to pull over and listen.”


“Just heard your ramblings on the radio and totally loved what you are doing and wanted to leave my desk and join you straight away. God bless you!”


“What a smashing and essensial idea I have found that I have a genetic Thirst for the music and taditions of the land.I have no education apart from what I have tought my self. So some thing like your experdition, is of a great educational intrest to me and other folk like me.”


“Just heard you on Radio 4 and felt soothed and inspired in equal measure. An example to us all of what we once were – and still could be.”


“It’s fantastic that there’s still folk around like the three of you, that gives hope. Thankyou.”


“Seriously entertaining reading and viewing there boys! Must be making for an amazing journey!”


“You walk the path of the Fool, yet it is the path of song and cheer; more valuable than any gold. The Fool is wiser than any king.”



moon, post, snails, near Avebury

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  1. Terry Tonik says:

    You take us back, beyond mummer’s plays, recalling the smell of seaweed and the rattle of spades and pails and a time buried deep within our psyche that resonates within us all. I am the rustle in the headgerow at dusk, do not be alarmed. Thankyou for doing this :-)

  2. Michelene says:

    Stand still a moment. Listen……..Do you hear the sound of 12,673 pairs of feet padding along behind you?
    Thank you all three for inviting us along,

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