The Journey Is Begun

Yesterday, we started walking.

Preparation has been a long journey all of its own, but everything is now in place, and afoot.

We look forward to meeting you, somewhere on the road ahead.

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  1. Sol says:

    Great idea guys! Been doing a bit of the same thing for a while checking out this amazing country of ours. No need to head off abroad when there is enough to see in these beautiful pleasent green diverse pastures. At least enough for this lifetime! :) Hope to catch up with along yr Journey? You musician’s then? When are you coming through Glastonbury Somerset? Could organise a little event maybe? I’m an Artist and music event guy so would like to meet you guys. HAppy feet. You doing it the Francis of Assisi Way? Bare foot wearing sack cloth No? ; )

  2. Mark Boyle says:

    Hey guys

    Great to hear you are now on the road – I hope you love every minute of it, and go easy on each other when the times get tough as they inevitably will.

    And remember what an amazing journey you are on – I couldn’t imagine three better guys to do it with so you are all very lucky!

    If you ever need anything you can get me on *removed by admin*, but I’m sure you’ll be fine anyway.

    Looking forward to hearing your tales one day!

    mark b xxx

    • Branching Arts says:

      hey mark
      great to hear from you.
      We will look after each other…..
      you’ll be able to tune in occasionally to this website to find lots of stories….though we wont put everything up of course.
      We’ll be down your neck of the woods sometime in the next couple of months or so, if you fancy s stroll.

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