Assorted Winter Portraits

going home time

This is a photographic exhibition. It contains no narrative, so please enjoy these simple images, of us and friends, taken during our winter stay in cold old Radnorshire.

we wield willow

Rose and Will gaze sunward

Ed, Ayla, Suzi

suzi comes to visit

Australian Ben, a super ally

Ozzy Ben the maker of machines

Ayla glimpsing

raggler on lookout

Sunshine standabout

Elli chews the questions

Ayla's sister Elly

Will faces the cookery


rising morn time

dome mornings

return from the busky streets

cycled return from the busky yonder

eat zone

eat zone

rosie mix up

rosie pose

ayla at work

ayla's arm moustache

will all togged up

staying dry

Ayla and shorn Ed

les amoureurs

will and pups

pupstart and pals

Springtime Ayla Sea Beet

Ay-rag finds the sea-beet

Ed summons

pebble rain into hand

Ayla and her pa

ayla and her wet papa

Rose nurses Ed's gashed knuckle

rose helps ed hand hole

hole in the hand

hole made by sharp ax

this button, that button

the lads and their fads

face in the clouds

face in cloud smiles


long drop

if you go down to the woods today...

teddy bears picnic

she did it

sweet ayla all agrin

ed won't stop singing

christmas morn song

holly not biting

not quite bitey

will gets the rum deal

comfy will


and up

frog in snow

frog in the snow, where do you go?


Eddie of Mellowcroft

Eddie de Mellowcroft

rockstar hoss

rockstar cart-horse

chuck foot

chook foot

rose counts chickens

2 birds in the hand

Charlie dressed for it

our friend Charly, well wrapped up

Ed and the herded morris

a flock of morris travellers

end of winter


really end of winter

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  1. bill , devon says:

    lovely baskets , you guys are a inspiration , good luck , Bill

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