Pictures of us


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  1. Drew Marshall-Read says:

    Wow guys!
    i just stubled across your sight, and your doing exactly what ive been planning for months! In fact, i will be starting in a few days! living off the land, camping out under the stars, and walking around on a discovery mission of our fine country!
    Is there any way i can come along with you all! i Have my stuff, and i play a harmonica!

    • Branching Arts says:

      Hello Drew. Whereabouts are you? It’s taken us a while to get ourselves going, the journey all underway and flowing ,and we needed that time to clarify our intentions and roles within the project. But if you are already out and upon the soil, mayhaps we’ll meet you anyroad.

      If you get to a machine, send us word, and we’ll see what can be manifested. We’re Hampshire way, moving slowly, meeting people and gathering information as we can. It is well, and it woul;d be good to meet and share our knowledges awhile.

      Take good care, and farewell.

      Will Ed Ginger.

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