Bodging a Three-Legged Stool, with Ginger

This is where Ginger shows us how to make a three-legged stool, with all speed and ease. With the then weather warming, this stool kept us out the mud, and prompted a spate of replicas to be knocked out.

Thank-you Ginger.

Tools required, are:

a saw (chain or cross-cut) to cut the seat from a log.
A bar-auger (and sharpening file) to put in the angled holes.
A splitting axe (and comedy mallet) to split the legs.
A sharper axe (and chopping block) to make the legs fit the seat.
A mallet for hitting the legs into the seat.

And that’s it.

The Ways of Barney Spoon

A Video Series on How to make a Wooden Spoon, really well,

with Barney Spoon.


How to split hazel, with Hopper

This video shows how to split a hazel rod.

Hopper had already taught us the rudimentary techniques of hurdle-making (CLICK HERE), and in this video he shows us how to split hazel rods.

As well as the practical techniques of splitting, Hopper also shows how to measure the height of a tree, with a stick. Interested?

There’s also an interesting discussion, on recycling, universities, and Martians. And there is a very blunt billhook, the inadequacy of which led Hopper to loan us a nice sharp replacement.

The video might take a short while to buffer, but please be patient. Hopper is worth the wait…