All our website videos, here

Hello. This post is a summary of all our videos made so far. Just in case you missed anything so far. We know the website can be tricky waters…

On our next walk, of which we’ll speak soon, we’ll be focussing on video-making as a main method of sharing information.

So we thought it a good time to bring together all our disparate web videos, to make viewing them simpler.

Please enjoy these videos responsibly.

Press more to see them all:

Short Clips of London Walk

Keep Your Knives Sharp with Barney Spoon

A Stool by Ginger

Barney Spoon’s Wooden Spoon Tutorial part 1

Barney Spoon’s Wooden Spoon Tutorial part 2

Barney Spoon’s Wooden Spoon Tutorial part 3

Barney Spoon’s Wooden Spoon Tutorial part 4

Hopper, on culture and how to split hazel

Hopper, on hurdle-making

Our woodland thanks

Building a house in the woods

Arriving in Radnorshire woodlands

Sourdough bread making

Ayla gets born

An odd egg

April Snowfall

A slippery hitchhike in Radnorshire

Birch Sap is better water

Will finishes a big hurdle

Under the bridge, urban folks make their sounds

Welsh Elvis and the Kitchenettes

Our pal Ryan comes to Radnorshire

Welsh dog sledding

Animation of Ed Will and Ginger, by Ruth Herbert

Waking Up in Paxton Tower

Adieu sweet lovely Nancy

Because i believe

Avebury Midsummer Madness

Boy Scouts Ritual

Songs Sung while not walking

Playing ankle tap

A short documentary, RTS award winning, by Molly King

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