We are here singing at the Faversham Hop Festival, at a gig in the Gulbenkian, Canterbury, supporting Chris Wood, and at a Christmas party.

These songs are being sung in times between walking, in our home territories.

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  1. Bruce Knight says:

    Hello guys. I heard about you through Ayla’s mum Anneta. I also know Susie from Voice Camp. Have you had a look at ? There’s hundreds of community singing groups who may be up for hosting you / hooking up with you. Drop us a line if you’re near Leamington Spa (Warwickshire)

    Happy trails, love, Bruce

  2. The Angry Tramps says:

    Oi oi,
    Brilliant druming round the fire, can you pick up objects again now? (hahaha!). Did you enjoy my dancing? We all enjoyed the singing. Where are you now? We request a ‘Bard-Off’ (Hahaha!). Speak soon, all the best,

  3. Clare Balding says:

    Ed & Will,
    It was wonderful, memorable and moving to walk with you yesterday from Pewsey to Avebury. I was thinking of you last night and hoping it didn’t rain as you slept. I hope you made friends in the pub and got a decent meal.
    I wish you luck in everything you do and good health on your journey. You can tell your friends to listen out for the new series of Ramblings on Radio 4 – your programme should be at the start of June.
    With love and best wishes,
    Clare Balding

  4. Mark Glover says:

    Great concept boys. If and when you get down to Exeter I’m sure you’ll be welcome at a couple of the folk clubs; you’ll pick up a few songs from us.

  5. Doug Kerr says:

    Just touching base, I met you last Monday evening in the “Old house at home” in Dormansland. I thoght you were great and it was really fantastic to hear young people carrying on the tradition of folk singing. I hope that the songs I sung were of some use to you, it has been a long time since I did any traditional stuff.

    • Branching Arts says:

      Hello Doug, absoultely great to hear you sing the other night. We’ve had small troubles with our recording devices, but it won’t be long before we can access the electronic memory.

      The old Dun Cow has been circling through our heads every morning on waking up. Do you have the lyrics written down anywhere? It would be great to learn and arrange it as 3. You are a great singer, with classic strong delivery. Many thanks for the prompt of how far we have to go.

      A lovely night, all in all, and thankyou for your part in it.

      All the best, and do keep in touch.

      Cheerio, EWG.

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