Walking North

Today, on June 5th, we walk north for Liverpool.

From south Somerset, we aim to cross the Welsh mountains for Anglessey, an old centre, before hitting the modern cultural capital.

We travel light, having manufactured and discarded a high-tech handcart before leaving.

Song shall be our staff and mainstay. We record an album whilst walking, in acoustic hotspots, those nooks and crannies we love.

We also seek historic springs and wells, to get a taste of Britain’s heritage drinking water.

Come join us and sing along. It is not getting dark.

Ed and Will, 2013

10 Responses to “Walking North”

  1. Linda says:

    I am the author of “Lancashire’s Sacred Landscape” book and I would be honoured to show you one or some of the sacred wells in the area if you want to stop and share some songs and stories and we will bring food. Email me and I will give you my number or arrange to meet with you. Best wishes. Linda

  2. SuzieD says:

    Will you be making a detour to Shropshire to Festival at the Edge 19-21st July? Best of luck and happy walking, SuzieD

  3. Ross says:

    Sounds like a great exploit, I would be interested to see what springs and wells you visit. I have a blog on holywells and healing springs which you may wish to check as well as five books on the subject. Ill do a piece on it to publicise it too. What water sources do you plan to visit?

  4. Happy travels guys – hope our paths cross one of these days – blessings on your journey xxx

  5. Martin says:

    Excellent news, I’m looking forward to updates on all the major channels, good luck and have fun : )

  6. Ian Harris says:

    Winged heeled and fleet of foot with a following wind and the sun ahead of you, may the road be kind to you. Still playing your first c.d. and saw you in Vogue magazine!? Good to see you are persevering with your endeavors my lucky lads. Ian a.k.a. Terry Tonik.

  7. Hilary says:

    Have a great trip! Will you be anywhere near Shrewsbury at the end of August – or is that not the direction you are heading?
    (Folk Festival is on August Bank Holiday weekend – if you can’t get on site a bit of a sing in the town would be good)

  8. zoe says:

    hi guys may blessings , love, laughter and health be with you xxxxx

  9. Clare Harms says:

    A billet for you and a meal if you need somewhere in Bristol. God bless your journey.
    love from

  10. jo says:

    hi,if you need a bath /bed space when you get to the Pool,let us know.been following your journey and enjoying it .best wishes to you.xxx

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