The Art of Paul Cummings

This is NOT about the well-established digital artist who works for Saatchi, called Paul Cummings. Find him everywhere elsewhere. We don’t know him.

This post is all about another Paul Cummings, who we met in Avebury at midsummer last year.

HMP by Paul Cummings

HMP by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 835x595 mm

“You reckon that’s pacified your Gods? Cos it ain’t pacified mine”.

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When we met him, Paul was a wild fellow, fresh from HMP, with head shaven and eyes-dark, dancing and roaring beside the fire. See him here.

Once he’d stopped trying to fight us, Paul became quite charming, and we enjoyed each anothers’ company greatly. He told us how hard it was to make art in prison, with no paint, and how he learned to use coffee granules, cigarette ash, jam and silver foil for his paintings.

“But it’s a nightmare trying to get silver-foil, though there’s loads of it, cos all the junkies want it. They’d peel it off my art if I let them.”

Other gen from Paul included prison “home”-brewing – an open carton of orange juice left by a radiator – or a loaf of bread hollowed out with sugar and water poured in the middle. Rough but effective, we’re told.

To the pictures: sorry it took so long to share them with you; the wait, we’re sure you’ll agree, is well-ended.

PS…to see a comparison between ‘our’ Paul Cummings and the very successful other one, click here. You can decide for yourself whether something’s topsyturvy…the pictures speak a thousand words…

PPS…Rumour has reached us that Paul is once more enjoying her Majesty’s hospitality. So to offer support, to attempt an exhibition, or to enquire after prints, email us here, and we’ll pass it on.

running hare by Paul Cummings

Running Hare by Paul Cummings - Coffee, tea, ash, toothpaste, pen 300x415 mm

Golden Eagle by Paul Cummings

Golden Eagle by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 415x595 mm

dark wood by Paul Cummings

Dark Wood by Paul Cummings - Coffee, tea, ash, toothpaste 600x1700 mm

Greyhound by Paul Cummings

Greyhound by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 415x595 mm

ron by Paul Cummings

Ron by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 835x595 mm

Hare by Paul Cummings

Hare by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 415x595 mm

self portrait by Paul Cummings

Self Portrait by Paul Cummings - Coffee, tea, ash, toothpaste, pen 415x300 mm

Sun Wolf by Paul Cummings

Sun Wolf by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 600x600 mm

black sun by Paul Cummings

Black Sun by Paul Cummings - Ash, toothpaste, pen 300x210 mm

Lydon by Paul Cummings

Lydon by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 595 x 410 mm

urban shaman by Paul Cummings

Urban Shaman by Paul Cummings - Chalk Pastel 835x595 mm

forest raven by Paul Cummings

Forest Raven by Paul Cummings - Raven Coffee, tea, ash, toothpaste 300x415 mm

sol nigra by Paul Cummings

Sol Nigra by Paul Cummings - Coffee, tea, ash, toothpaste, pen, charcoal, silver foil 835x1200 mm

To read Paul’s descriptions of his art, click here.

<a href=”” title=”Hare by Paul Cummings by A Walk Around Britain, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”449″ height=”337″ alt=”Hare by Paul Cummings” /></a>

4 Responses to “The Art of Paul Cummings”

  1. B says:

    Hi Rebecca …. If it was my post you were referring too, then it’s with great and unremitting confidence that I can assure you that the Paul Cummings I’m referring to is this one, and not he digital/painter chap… I knew Paul at school, and for several years after sixth form, we were close friends who unfortunately lost ouch when I moved away with work… I own an original piece of work from Paul that he did when he was at college. But this was also during his “pavement” painting years….!!!! … Always quick to laugh, stories abound and his legend continues…. One day it would be good to see him again… We are both “Coventry lads”….

  2. Rebecca says:

    I know the other Paul Cummings well, the digital artist and painter, and he’s a complete bastard with a very dark side to him if I’m honest, if you get to know him he’s quite spooky, and it shows in his art, there is no soul to his work. He tried to do a series of portraits a few years back and he doesn’t understand people, he has no heart, so all the portraits had no life, were dead and flat as a piece of advertising. This Paul Cummings really can capture others! Like this guy way more. Can feel his spirit. I am pretty sure the other post about the Paul who went to college is the digital/painter one I’m talking about, not this one here.

  3. B says:

    If this is the Paul I know, and I do think it is. Then although I’ve known Paul since secondary school, albeit not seen him in over 20 years, I do have an original piece of art from Paul which I have owned since 1989. It is a canvas which has been painted on using a pallet knife. It was done when he was at college. It remains one of my most prized items I have. The Paul I knew was always a very free and independent spirited, quick to smile and laugh, and always welcoming those around him with genuine warmth. If an exhibition is arranged I for one would want to support it.

  4. Lee says:

    I’ve known Paul for decades (only getting to see him infrequently over the years due to location).
    I had no idea he was this good!
    Watching him dance around that “pagan” fire was fun. Typical Paul. (looked like he’d imbibed a sufficient dose of alcohol and ??)
    I had a drink etc with him this Sat 2nd July on a visit he made to Coventry to catch up with a number of his old friends having not long been released. It was great to see him and we had a good time one-and-all.

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