Calendar Lore 1

February to April

Gathered in PFAF library, in Cornwall, 2007.

February: the whirling month; the month of purity; the month of lambs; the severe time; the season of purification.
snowdrops3 2 February – Imbolc – Candles, fires, tapers burned for Brigid, to illuminate the underworld hunt of Ceres for Persephone

Imbolc – A cake of crescent or circle to Artemis, Isis and Ashteroth

Snowdrop – blossoms to cleanse house of winter ills and malevolence

Lesser celendine + pigfat + treacle = for problems of the fundament

2 February – Candlemas day – Christian alternative for Imbolc.

Candlemas Day! Candlemas Day!
Half our fire and half our hay.

If Candlemas day is fair and bright
Winter will have another flight
But if Candlemas day brings clouds and rain
Winter is gone and won’t come again

On Candlemas day, stick beans in the clay, throw candle and candlestick right away

Badgers come out at noon on Candlemas – if they see their shadow, they go back to den. If they don’t, they stay out.

“It was the fire goddess, Brigit, queen of the sun’s cardinal movements, at once so powerful, the bringer of light, yet the protectress from conflagration, who carried her far-flung riches back into the house, like a harvest home, and distributed them among the family…(Michael Dames, Mythic Ireland)”

“Brigit, excellent woman, a flame, golden, delightful. May she, the sun-dazzling, splendid, guide us to the eternal kingdom.” (St Broccan 7th century)

Peony is emerging, the roots carved as amulets, sacred to Hectate and Diana, reflecting their light, and to protect against storms.

Eat Primroses in honey and almond porridge

March: The agriculturalist’s month; the month of violets; the rising of the sap; the Lily of the Valley; the Thunderer.
apple-budsMarch:  comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb (or other way round)

19 March –     If on St. Joseph’s day is clear.
So follows a fertile year.

20 March (11:43 am) Vernal Equinox (2009)  – The Year Begins.

Hares are given – a connection with Eostre / Ostara, Goddess of Dawn and Spring.

Eat Tansy with lamb.

March 25 – date of crucifixion – unlucky for Easter to fall on Lady Day – will not happen till 2035.
‘When our Lord doth lie in our Lady’s lap,
Then, O England, beware of a clap.’

April: The month of the swallow; of the cuckoo; the beginning of summer; of ripeness; the season of the young; spring of the young; the time of vegetation, of the pear orchard, of the green grass.


April 1 – If it thunders on all fool’s day, comes good crops of corn and hay

April 10 (2009) – On Good Friday, bake a herb pudding containing passion dock, do not touch water (Pilate washed his hands today), nor handle nails, and keep all rain caught. Bottle it to keep away evil spirits and to preserve sight as an eye-wash.

April 11 (2009) Fast on Easter eve – ‘We fasted in the night / For this is the light’ – Sung on Easter Eve, carrying rough torches and black flags.

Bless the fire – a new fire – on Easter Eve. Throw violets on the Easter sepulchre. The Sun dances on Easter day.

Easter for Adonis, Attis, and Osiris. The Demeter mysteries are symbolized by a reaped ear of corn.

April 23 – St George’s day – Wear a red rose for he, and merry England. The St. George story = a variant of Perseus and Andromeda legend – itself a later variant of Merodach (spirit of light) vanquishing Tiamat the dragon (chaos). Wear a blue coat, be connected with Knights of the Garter.

April 25 – St Mark’s Feast – All night vigil in church porch to see the ghosts of those who will die on following year.

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