Agrimony – under the pillow, you won’t awaken until it is removed – it cleanses the goblins of the unconscious.

Alder – a tree of unity – Eaidor (Chief). For syeing, a fairy green from the flowers, brown from the twigs, and red from the bark. Sacred to the defeated, but still Bran.

Amaranth – flowers into a wreath for invisibility. Take the whole plant on a Friday full moon, and leave an offering. Wrap it in white cloth, and wear it against your chest, to be bullet-proof.

Angelica – general protection – The Root is of the Holy Ghost, associated with Angel Michael. Wear the root around your neck.

Ash – Axis Mundi – World Tree, Nion. Cast the leaves in 4 directions for elemental magic, not for personal works. Do this on a Wednesday.

Bamboo – hollw-hearted – Guan-Yin, the Boddisatva of Mercy, held bamboo as a symbol of modesty.

“Two live as one,

One lives as two,

two live as three,

Under the Bam,

Under the Boo,

Under the Bamboo Tree.”

Beech – Boc – Fagus = Celtic God of Beeches.

Belladonna – Herb of silence – nightshade worn on the body dismisses memories of old lovers, dispels negativity.

Betony – Home protection – protects against drunkenness. Good for Capricorns. Dyes brown.

Birch – Take bark only from Thor-kissed (lightning struck) trees. A Birch wreath is a lovers’ gift.

Black Hellebore – Frenzy. Pick when facing East and cursing. Walk on powder for invisibility. Dry and burn for exorcism.

Bracken-fern – the seed (pollen) to walk invisibly. Fern amulet for privacy. Under pillow for dreams of solutions.

Burdock – For animal magic. Raw stems increase libido.

Caraway – Throw in bags and boxes to make them thief-proof. Use to make yourself safe from Lilith.

Chickweed – Bird magic – If in full blossom, a fine day. If closed tight, then rain comes.

Coltsfoot – smoked for visions – invoke Brighid and Elain (Celtic horse God)

Columbine – Proof against Envy – invoke Freya.

Comfrey – Safe travel – in bottom of bag for safety, burn for balance.

Daffodil – Sacred to Ostara, German Goddess of Spring, or Flora, the Roman equivalent. Carry a bulb in your pocket for safety at night.

Damiana – Aphrodisiac and Hallucinogen.

Dandelion – Blow the seed head in 4 directions of winds, on full moon, in one breath, for a wish to come true.

Fennel for persuasion.

Garlic – sacred to Hectate – for power in competitions.

Hazel – for insight – finding lost objects. Make a wand from a tree that has not yet borne fruit, cut with one stroke of a magical sickle.

Mullein – Carried on person to attract the opposite sex. With yarrow for courage.

Nettle – to remove a hex, stuff a cloth doll with nettles, write the name of the curser, and bury it. Carry it with yarrow, in your hand, for dispelling fear.

Oak – sacred to Herne, British Hunter God.

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