Weather Lore

Clouds flying in different directions, at different speeds and heights, foretell heavy rain.

Clouds sailing against the wind = rain

Clouds descending over hills = rain.

Clouds rising over hills = dry.

Rooks flying low = rain.

Smoke descends to the ground before rainfall.

Geese fly high in fair weather, and low in bad weather.

Swallows flying high in the evening sky foretoken good weather.

When the wind blows from the west, do business, to bring a time of well-being.

The South wind’s warmth debilitates, the North wind’s chill invigorates, the East wind’s chill leads to aches and pains.

When the temperature rises between 9 and 12 at night, and the sky is cloudless, beware rain.

The scent of flowers becomes unusually noticeable before rain.

Carry a bunch of hemp. When it gets damp, rain is coming.

Guitar strings tighten before rain.

When dogs shun meat, eat grass in the morning, and dig holes – rain is coming.

Cattle extend their necks and sniff the air, when rain is coming.

Bats flying late at night = good weather. When they cry while flying, rain is on the morrow.

When bird song stops, listen for thunder.

Crows are noisy and agitated before rain.

A solitary crow in flight signifies bad weather, and a pair of flying crows = fair weather.

Gulls circling aloft, crying shrilly, means a storm is on the way.

Robins in trees, sing loud and long before rain.

When blackbirds sing more than usual in the morning, rain is coming.

When spiders are inactive, rain will soon fall. When they are busy during rain, good weather is coming soon.

Flies assemble in your home just before rain.

Clover turns up its leaves, to show their light underside, before rain.

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