Fearsome Email

“Hi, it’s me.

Look, I don’t know how to tell you this best. The fact is, it has started. It is begun.

You won’t hear about it for weeks in the papers, if I know how they work. But it has definitely started. Look around – you’ll see the cracks appearing – just look around, and feel inside yourself too.

Get out now. Get out, with what you need, right now. Tell your loved ones, and take them with you. There is no more time here. It has begun.

From a friend.”

2 Responses to “Fearsome Email”

  1. Rachel says:

    Well that’s frightening. Sounds mildly of something the Doctor would say (you do watch Doctor who don’t you?)

    well did it happen?

    • Branching Arts says:

      “It has begun.”

      What did you imagine?

      it certainly felt pretty apocolipstick.

      For me, it vaguely suggested an industrially implemented post-public world, a fiendish eco end plan, a human-engineered global-cleanse. Maybe called Operation Temple.

      quite nasty stuff.

      and no, we’re not regular dr who fans. Pretty infrequent really, but maybe we’ll give it a go sometime.


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