Notebook Curiosities, vol.1

Rumoured Properties of  Plants and Trees

Lovage juice – Mix it with your fishing bait to get a bite.

Split bamboo, then glue back together without hollow centre. Good for rods or swords.

Cut 6 ft strips of bark from dry fallen cedar. Make a bundle larger than two hands. Use strips of white inner bark from the cedar to bind. Use as a smudge against mosquitoes.

Yarrow leaves instead of pepper

Oak  inner bark soaked and pounded to make material.

Beechwood for hot bright flame and long burning embers

Ground Horse chestnuts/Black walnut/solomon’s seal into fishing waters – up rise the fish

Osier willow – good for basket-making, and covered in skins makes good shields or boats

Birch bark – for waterproof clothing.

Eucalyptus leaves – dried and smoked for asthma – leaves as a tea for colds, fevers, respiratory trouble

Yellow Gentian – a cure-all, roots steeped in water.

Crushed bramble leaves to stem bleeding

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