Riddle for the day

Avlyana has a big loaf of fresh bread, and 3 friends with her, Suna, Bill and Ted.


Picnic is everywhere...

This happy group have walked all day, and are now taking a late-afternoon picnic, hearing the birds and looking at the flowers.
Two of the group, Bill and Ted, have carried the bread and the butter, and think the other two, Avlyana and Suna, are less hungry than they are.
Suna has paid for half the cost of the bread, and Ted has paid for all the butter.

But then Avlyana makes a mistake while cutting up the loaf, and cuts it into 7 pieces instead of 8. Everyone wanted two bits each, and they are a bit disappointed not to be getting what they hoped for.

So who in the group now gets less bread, and why?

No answers here. Find your own, please, and share them with the comment button below…

3 Responses to “Riddle for the day”

  1. Peter says:

    take 3 pieces and cut them into quarters. Then everyone can have a piece and 3 quarters, and will be getting the same amount of bread as each other and as expected. if they’re still disappointed tough!

  2. some geeza says:

    have a fight for it. last man/woman standing eats all.

  3. John Stevenson says:

    The answer is ‘what is one more than Z’?

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