Common Travelling Ailments and their Remedies

We give thanks once more for the incredible works of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, who was a great herbalist and traveller.

Biting insects

The most enduring protection from fleas, mosquitoes and other biting blighters is to have a bitter tasting bloodstream. You can achieve this by cutting down on sugar, eating lots of garlic (wild or garden), eating plenty of green leaves, especially parsley, celery, purslane and nettle. Bitter herbs like wormwood, hops and chamomile can be taken as tea….bitter tea, go easy.

Bee, Wasp and Hornet stings

Lightly brush the sting away without spreading the poison. Squeeze the sting and suck the area with plenty of spit. Apply either raw garlic juice, raw potato juice, raw egg white, course salt or vinegar into which marigold flowers have been crushed.

Wet clay or mud can be applied and reapplied every hour.


We find Feverfew tea very effective, also rosemary, wild or garden mint (not peppermint) and lavender. Apply cold cotton cloths soaked with lavender or mint infused vinegar to the forehead.


Ed had a time of getting toothache only when sleeping in church porches. Chewing a few cloves in the area of pain is very effective. Sprinkle tooth cavities with cayenne pepper (not too much!) or chew on the root of Yarrow.

Remove the outer skin of a large onion, heat it until hot and hold against the troublesome ache.

The Eyes

We were told by a fellow in Dorset that the deer eat the new beech leaves to improve their eyesight. We suggest you do the same, in early Springtime they are very tasty.

For grit in the eyes make a herbal brew from any above-ground part of Traveller’s Joy (Clematis) and use as an eyewash.

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