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Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius?

It is an attempt by the World Trade Organisation and World Food Organisation to control and manipulate the food chain.

The latest in a long line of attempts to make natural medicine illegal will
be imposed on the UK by the United Nations on 31 December 2009, unless the UK Government can be persuaded to reject it.

The WFO intends to change Codex from guideline to rule of law. The suggested implementations would classify all vitamins, minerals, herbs and
supplements as “toxins”, and will require that all foods are irradiated
and “made safe” with a cocktail of pharmaceutical ingredients (not
apparently “toxins”).

This may presage the end of organic agriculture and natural medicine.

With the “food shortage” which has suddenly and strangely hit the headlines, there is much more scope for things like this to creep through the net (a bit like anti-terrorist legislation after a bombing etc)……..There is much talk of GM food being the solution to the food problems. In a debate that i heard on radio 4, the person who suggested that all the food wasted in England could feed Africa was jeered at for giving away our countries hard won right to be wasteful. Complacency is what we’ve worked and faught for apparently.

So the implementation of GM benefits who? The huge companies like Monsanto who have produced lock and key seeds. This makes the farmer reliant upon buying more seed or the key to open the seed from the same company. There is no escape for the farmer once they have entered this. The plants are modified so that seed cannot be collected.
An example of its implementation is in a war zone, such as Iraq. The troops move in, crops are destroyed or farmers cannot work the fields cos of the bombs. The occupying force compensates these poor souls by generously giving them a bag of Monsanto seeds which the farmer happily plants. The next year when he tries to grow more crop from the seed produced, it doesn’t work………but don’t worry mr.farmer, here comes the nice American Seed Man with another bag of his seed. The farmer has to buy, and keep buying to produce his crop. In India this has caused a  wave of suicides amongst the farming population as they can no longer make a living from their crop. Here’s an article in The Mail about it.
The beneficiaries of such a scheme are the same lot that benefit from the Codex Alimentarius, the food crisis, the increased use of pharmaceuticals.

The depriving of nutrients to areas of society leads to the increase of certain diseases which will be treated with expensive drugs by the pharmaceutical companies that are integrally involved with the implementation of Codex. This has been running since 1963. The plan then was to bring it in as mandatory in 2009. It is upon us.

Effectively there is a large move to make our human right to eat good food and healthy vitamins and minerals into a commodity which is rigorously controlled by only a few people.

It is disturbingly  Orwellian.

We could learn a thing or two from the Norwegian Government who have built an ‘everything proof’ store for world seeds. It will help to slow the rate we’re losing many varieties of useful plant, mainly through intensive agriculture, big business,  and warfare.

Have a look into it (some links below to start), let us discuss and act upon it.

Dig for Victory…..Grow your own food

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