Save Tara

Protecting the hill of Tara from a four lane motorway.

The Ancient hill of Tara is under threat. A four lane motorway is planned to bulldoze right through it.

This is the centre of ancient Ireland, part of a huge complex of incredible sites. The Irish equivalent of Stone Henge.


For the sake of faster transport we are putting at risk our most ancient historical places.

Perhaps they’ll submit plans to convert Canterbury Cathedral into 2 bedroom apartments.


A petition to the Irish government.

More detailed explanations of present situation and how you can help at:

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  1. Bindi D says:

    I thought you boys might like this anonymous quote:

    The law will hang the man or woman
    who steals the goose from off the common
    but lets the greater thief go loose
    who steals the common from the goose.

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