Our friend Ryan, in the Woods



Ryan Weston. A name that strikes fear into those who watch the Canterbury skies at night. Young women quiver in pale delight, when this monster comes scalloping round the lofty corner.


mr Ryan at ease

Ryan Weston. A pal to us all. When Ed and Will were midst dreadful turmoil this winter, while living in the woods, it was the visit of friends like Ryan who brought the simple smile back to our faces.


Ryan and Alaric help us pack it all away

Ryan plays his banjo loudly, whooping yee-haws to the blue-tits, and he gets raucousfully stuck into whatsoever is going on. While staying in the woods, he made a bow and arrow, a hurdle, a sword, and he carved a fortress from a standing oak stump.


Chez Ryan


view from the top



In Ryan’s honour, we enclose a video montage of his better bits:

And we also wish to share an interview we made of Ryan’s opinion, in response to some biting and poignant questions.


Please enjoy. And know that Ryan is available for building repairs, kitchen fitting, plastering, and general skilled labour. We use him…isn’t it time you did too?

Ryan draws first


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