We eat a lot of this plant. It is both common and tasty. It makes a great salad, eaten raw, and is good lightly steamed and added to the stew pot. Cook the whole upper of the plant. The Mouse-ear (hairier leaves) variety cannot be eaten raw.


For medicine this herb is cooling for the skin. Wrap some in a cloth, dip it in warm water and apply to skin abrasions, boils, blisters and bruises.


A lipbalm is made by adding tallow (animal fat) and applying to chapped lips and weather beaten skin.
Chickweed is a mild laxative (so don’t eat huge amounts, though even a whole chickweed salad doesn’t have any disastrous outcome) so a strong tea can be made for constipation.

It is said that when the Chickweed flowers are open, there will be no rain.

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