Rose Hips in winter

The hips of the Dog Rose briar are the finest source if vitamin C in the wild. We have found them still tasty on the bush in February.


As a trail snack pick the soft (not really squishy) ones, squeeze the hip between your fingers.


A toothpaste-like eruption of lava red sweetness bursts forth, you eat and it is good.
Some are slightly alcoholic by the end of the winter, we like this too.

In November/December we pick the harder hips, dry them whole to make a winter tea. Crush the dried hips slightly and steep in boiling water for 15 minutes, strain through a clean cotton cloth and drink.


Rose hips are associated with the planet and god Jupiter, the principle of expansion and growth, helping us keep springlike during the winter months.

There is nothing better than rose hips in winter for defending against infection, preventing colds and helping with exhaustion.

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