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One thousand kilometre walk to Liverpool

Our names are Ed and Will. This summer we walk for three months, from Somerset to Liverpool.

What with traffic jams, badger culls, and politicians selling the future to international investors, it’s easy to think you don’t like Britain.

But deep in this land, hid between the roads, are the places we take for granted. And here, despite occasional discord, the secret green heart of Britain beats on.

To these places we journey, using modern technology and sticks, living as British nomads. Along the way, we sing folksongs, as old as seas and copyright-free. We are recording an album in acoustic hotspots found en route.

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Also, we launch “Flowing Britain”, a trust pledged to restore and protect the heritage drinking waters of Britain.

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These are days of great change, glamoured by global dreams of ever-faster progress. In such times, a small step backward – like walking – can become a gently radical option.

How many other such simple choices have we forgotten we can make?

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