Below is a collection of articles that have been published about our project. These range from national and local newspapers, books, text books and specialist magazines.


Vogue Magazine’ – July 2011

The folk edition.

Vogue Magazine - Will, Ed and Holly

Oxford University Press‘ Headway EFL Textbook, 2011


The Telegraph, April 2009

“The modern troubadours who sing for their supper” by Paul Kingsnorth, appeared front page of Weekend section, Saturday the 18th.

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Walk Magazine‘ – The Rambler’s Association, May 2009

My Walk of Life: “We sing for our suppers”.

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Permaculture Magazine, January 2009

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Guardian Feature, G2 Magazine, 14th November 2008

“Singing for their supper” by Will Hodgkinson. Read the article here, or see the article here:


Faversham Times & East Kent Gazette, 4th March 2009

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Kent on Sunday, 8th March 2009

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Kentish Gazette and Faversham News, 5th March 2009

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